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Cleanout Covers & Stainless Fasteners

Covertek Sales specializes in metal cleanout covers and fasteners for the plumbing industry. We also offer a wide variety of stainless and brass wood screws.

Cleanout Covers

Cleanout covers are used to cover cleanout plugs. We offer metal cleanout covers that do not crack, unlike traditional plastic ones. Metal cleanout covers are available in a variety of colors, including the most popular choices of white and chrome.


Polished Cleanout Covers

We also offer polished stainless cleanout covers that come with polished chrome, which is ideal for businesses, commercial buildings, and restrooms because they provide a more high-end look.

Available in sizes ranging from 4" to 12", our metal cleanout covers are always available in stock, although larger sizes may take up to 2 weeks to order. Our cleanout covers are made right here in Southern California.

Contact us today for a variety of plumbing & industrial supplies, including metal cleanout covers and fasteners.